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Auditing Performance

We simply can’t emphasise too much how effective OASIS has been in maintaining the highest standards, guaranteeing an instant response to any issue.

On the rare occasion you notice something not quite up to scratch, use the ‘traffic light’ system to leave feedback.

An amber or red audit will instantly alert us to the problem. Our area manager will then be contacted straight away to find out what the issue is, why it happened, and who was responsible. It means the minute you report a problem we’ll respond immediately so you don’t have to go chasing us around. And it really does work: just ask the staff who work on our help desk. They’ll be grateful for the chance for something to do.

So what makes JPM really stand out?

Great, well trained people? Directors who really care and still get involved in the day to day running of the business?

30 years in maintaining the very highest cleaning standards? Yes, all of them. Take us for granted and we’ll take it as a compliment. That’s why we’ve also invested over £100,000 creating our own suite of software, ensuring we remain head and shoulders above our competitors.

The OASIS interface lets you monitor cleaning standards, access reports and an online library of H&S information, and contact us with any queries quickly, effortlessly and in your own time.

Support whenever you need it

Thanks to OASIS, we don’t have the busiest help desk in the world.

Client satisfaction is enhanced by weekly contact from Area managers to ensure that you are pleased with our service. Area managers also make regular visits to every site, irrespective of whether there are any issues or not.

Even so, our team is ready to support you if you do need to get in touch. You will be provided with a dedicated helpdesk number should a problem ever arise (although we may well have resolved it before you even pick up the phone). All calls are logged and cannot be signed off until the query is resolved to your complete satisfaction.

Computerised timekeeping

How do JPM ensure you get what you pay for?

As with all good ideas, it’s very simple. At the start of each shift, cleaners call a number and key-in their identity code. Our system records the time and the site the cleaner is calling from. When the shift is over, they then use the same process to sign out.

We use the OASIS system to ensure that each staff member works for the correct number hours as defined within the service level agreement.