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Computerised time keeping and web-based auditing help Honda track the quality of our service

JPM won the contract to clean Honda Motors Europe Ltd West London-based UK headquarters and technical center following a competitive tender in 2009.

A key influence on Honda’s decision to award the contract to us was our use of technology to monitor and improve the cleaning standards and our ‘open book’ approach to costing the job which allows costs to be scrutinised across the service.
Because the contract is operated on a traditional ‘cost-plus’ basis, it is especially important for Honda to know exactly what they are getting for their money.
So, to ensure that cleaning staff fulfill their full obligation of hours, we introduced our computerised timekeeping system in order to enable our client to see exactly how many cleaners have worked at their facility and for how many hours each cleaner has been on site.

The time keeping system is very simple: At the start of each cleaner’s shift, the employee calls a number which connects them to a host computer at our offices. Once connected, the employee keys-in a four digit identity code and the system records the time and the site that the worker is calling from. When the cleaning shift is complete, the same process is used to sign out.
In addition, Honda were impressed with our on-line auditing system and elected to use it to monitor the quality of the cleaning service that we provide. They are able to audit the cleaning on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – and feedback comments to our area manager and site supervisors instantly. This instant feedback capability allows any issues to be quickly resolved and ensures that we maintain the highest standard of cleaning services.
We developed the software for the audit process in-house.

Originally written for another of our clients -the health club business, Nuffield Health and Wellbeing – the system allows a client to rate the quality of the cleaning across the whole building or just in specific areas such as toilets and public places. A ‘weighting’ system allows the importance of each area being inspected to be highlighted.

The system also allows our clients to make special cleaning requests and other comments which are relayed immediately to the area manager for action. It also allows the client to access risk assessments, method statements and cleaning chemical COSHH information which can all be easily downloaded and printed locally.
Of course, the auditing system is not designed to replace the personal touch that we bring to our contracts. We see it as complementary. Honda and other clients, who use the system, find it extremely useful to have real time access to the data that’s available. The facility also ensures that any problems that may arise are quickly flagged up and remedied.