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Health and Beauty Products Manufacturer

Demands The Highest Standards

Established for over 100 years, the DDD group offers a complete service to take a health and beauty product from the idea stage to a consumer’s shopping basket.
The company has four sites – including offices, production and storage facilities – and, having originally worked on the company’s offices, our role has expanded to include all four sites in the DDD group.

DDD demands the highest standards of cleaning throughout its business and each unit within the group brings its own unique set of cleaning challenges.

For example, products manufactured at the DDD group’s Fleet Laboratories facility are produced under clean room conditions. To ensure that the site meets the high standards required by the various accreditation bodies that monitor the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products in the UK, we worked with DDD to develop a cleaning regime that ensures round the clock cleaning – six days a week.
The cleaning program includes attention to the laboratory’s ceilings and air conditioning system to ensure that even the facility’s air meets clean room classification.
The same commitment to hygiene extends to the warehouse where any build-up of dust on the shelving is simply not tolerated.

While on site our staff wears hygiene gowns and all workers have been trained in the relevant regulations regarding the handling of hazardous chemicals and equipment.
Because health and safety is a priority for us and, as the nature of the DDD contract means cleaning staff are required to work on site outside normal ‘office’ hours, all our operations managers and site supervisors are sent on first aid courses to ensure they can respond to any on-site mishap.

We have been responsible for the day to day cleaning of all DDD’s sites for 23 years. Throughout our relationship we have adapted our service offering to meet DDD’s changing needs and the constantly evolving requirements and standards laid down by the various accreditation organisations which DDD’s facilities comply with.

DDD has been a JPM client since 1988 and we believe that the length of our relationship is a testament to both the quality of the service we provide and the commitment of our management team to ensure that the highest standards continue to be met..