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Additional Services

Quality Monitoring

JPM take pride in the results that are achieved at all of our sites.
Our area managers utilise a PDA based quality monitoring system to regularly check your cleaning standard.
This data enables us to monitor the performance of individual cleaners or areas within a building, producing a host of reports that enable our clients to see exactly how their cleaning is being managed and maintained. Our clients are also encouraged to record their own assessments of our performance and generate their own reports using our online quality monitoring system.

Staff Time Keeping

As you purchase hours from us, we treat each hour as a precious commodity. Our automated time keeping system is linked to our payroll and ensures that our staff arrive and leave your site at the agreed times.

Consumable Supplies

We are able to supply a huge range of washroom and kitchen supplies.Ranging from feminine hygiene to entrance matting, paper tissues to soaps, all are delivered directly to your premises with no minimum quantities or delivery charges. Our bulk purchasing power ensures that all of these consumables are supplied at a cost effective price ensuring that you get the best value for money and the convenience of direct deliveries.